Pavlovsky Parket




Engineering parquet from the manufacturer Pavlovsky Parket is a kind of engineering board. It differs in size of a die and is available in two versions - "English Spruce" and "French Spruce". Engineering parquet is made from domestic raw materials on high-quality equipment in Russia on advanced technologies, has high strength and stability, while maintaining an affordable price.

Pavlovskiy Parket produces and sells engineering parquet from oak, maple and ash wood. Sorting prime, nature and rustic. Parquet is produced both without a finish coat, and with a finish coating of industrial parquet oil.


Construction - Upper, working layer - laminated wood from sawn veneer.  The bottom layer is birch plywood. Technological compensating transverse cuts of the lower layer.

Thickness (H) - 15 mm (thickness of the lamellae (h1) - 4 mm + plywood - 11 mm)
Width (S) - 90, 120, 150 mm
Length (L) - 600 mm

Processing - Groove with 2 sides, a comb with 2 sides, a facet with 4 sides, grinding the surface.
Humidity - 8 ± 2%
Strength of construction - The ultimate strength for tearing off lamellas is not less than 0.6 MPa


The engineering board of the highest category, in which small areas with variations of color tone are possible, and also knots with a diameter of up to 6 mm are allowed, not more than one per linear meter.

Classical grade of the engineering board without selection by cutting. The board has a natural pattern of wood, there are tolerable differences in tone. On the engineering board are possible "live" not fallen out knots, in which the diameter is not more than 20 mm.

In this grade of the engineering board dark and light knots are allowed, dropped and putty with a diameter of not more than 60 mm, veins, tilt of fibers. Small cracks shrinkage, which are sealed with a putty under the color of wood and do not spoil the appearance of the board - all these are characteristic features of the rustic variety. Also for this grade, wood changes in color, sapwood in a width of up to 20 mm.

french spruce

Engineering parquet "French spruce"

Two-layer construction. The angle was washed down - 45 degrees

english spruce

ENGINEERING PARQUET "english spruce"

Two-layer construction. The angle is washed down - 90 degrees

Breeds of wood

Options for coating with colored parquet oil