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About the industrial parquet

Industrial parquet from the manufacturer Pavlovsky Parquet is a kind of multi-layered massive parquet. The advantage of this floor covering in front of others is that the industrial parquet is made of solid wood, which guarantees a long service life. It has a low cost and requires little cost and time for installation.

The raw material for the production of industrial parquet is an array of hardwood that remains within the framework of optimization of woodworking industries. This moment explains one of the main advantages of the product being produced - low cost. Also, reducing the number of materials that are not suitable for production has a favorable effect on the environment.



Thickness (H) - 23 mm X Width (S) - 8 mm X Length (L) - 160 mm
Thickness (H) - 16 mm X Width (S) - 8 mm X Length (L) - 160 mm
Thickness (H) - 10 mm X Width (S) - 8 mm X Length (L) - 160 mm

Sorting - Natural.
Is characterized by slight color changes with a small amount of wood defects on the underside of the slats.


Simplicity of works on installation of industrial parquet is a consequence of the absence of the connecting system "spike-groove" on the slats. And the multiplicity of width to length, in some cases of thickness to length and width, is an excellent feature for installing parquet in a variety of ways. Including on the floors with heating or immediately on the prepared concrete screed.

The possibility of polishing the cover from the industrial parquet as the mechanical wear is almost fully developed, as well as the resistance of the parquet to changes in humidity and temperature in the room, because of the specifics of cutting and the small size of the slats, allow you to lay parquet in shops, warehouses, hotels, cafes, restaurants, offices, schools and kindergartens.

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