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sports parquet

About the sports parquet

Sports parquet from the manufacturer "Pavlovsky Parquet" meets the basic requirements for sporting coatings. According to the impact absorption, the sports parquet has values ​​from 25% to 75% at any point of the coating. The vertical elastic deformation is no more than 5 mm, the vertical rebound of the ball is not less than 90%, and the friction coefficient is 0.4-0.6.

Sports parquet is made of the most suitable material for use in sports halls - maple wood, which has an optimal set of physical and mechanical characteristics.

Sports parquet from small slats has the following advantages: easy to install, durable, if necessary, easily repaired, resistant to dynamic, static and mechanical influences. When the humidity in the room changes, the geometric parameters of the lamellas remain within the limits of the norm.

sport parquet construction

Sports parquet is a non-separable stationary structure with a top layer of 22 or 18 mm, made from an integral array of maple or oak. Also, the top layer can serve as an engineering board 18 mm thick, with a working layer of lamellae of 8 mm. The system of the sports floor includes a vapor barrier membrane, rubber cast cushion supports or mats, 2 layers of plywood made from birch plywood of 12 mm grade 3/4.

Sports parquet

specification of sports parquet

Full-size sports parquet

The length is 400-1200 mm.
Width - 60, 70 mm.
Thickness - 22 mm.

small-lamellar sports parquet

Length - 160 mm.
idth - 23 mm.
Thickness - 18 mm.